Tiny Pottery Wheel Library

This is an evolving library of tiny wheels available for "check-out." These are experiments or one-offs that we love, but also want others to enjoy. 

Check-out 1-2 weeks at a time, we ship it to you, you ship it back. Comes with: 

  • 1 Tiny Pottery Wheel with power cord
  • 1lb of air dry clay
  • Set of tools that we enjoy using
  • Collapsible water cup
  • Return shipping label
  • 3 ware boards (to slide your tiny pots off on to for drying)
  • Quick guide to getting started

Not included is any finishing materials, such as paint or sealer for use with water. Acrylic paint works great, and would recommend not using any water on the air dry clay unless it is sealed with a clay sealer. (We like this matte one or this glossy one.)

1 week: $50 + Shipping, $40 each additional wheel/tool set
2 weeks: $80 + Shipping, $70 each additional wheel/tool set